40 Jahre Bluespumpm – Fan-Blog zum Jubiläum

Infos, ergänzend zur Bluespumpm-Homepage www.bluespumpm.at – Diese Seit'n ist für alle Fans, die weiterhin "Bluespumpm pur" erleben woll'n!



Since the end of the 70’s „Bluespumpm“ are the undisputed Austrian number 1 Bluesrock band. These four musicians are from a part of Austria renowned for its woodlands, its hills, its undisturbed natural beauty and above all, its remoteness.

On the 20/11/75m at 21:00 they created their unmistakeable Blues sound. Since then they have followed without compromise their very own line of music. A music that has been described as primitive yet warm and natural, precisely which is… the „Bluespumpm Sound“.This sound is free and individual and goes out to many different people but seems to have found undoubted success which bikers but not just any bikers, None other than Mrf. Bill Davidson from Milwaukee, U.S.A. – the so-called father of the motorcycle is a fan of the „Bluespumpm Sound“.

In the 40 years of „Bluespumpm“ over 20 musicians have come and gone… (more soon…)

The Bluespumpm sound? Take the raw vocals  and the ingenious mouth organ playing of band leader ZAPPA Cermak, throw in the rocking lead guitar riffs from Fritz Glatzl, and some funky Wolfgang Frosch bass and round it all off with a good blast of rhythm from Bernd Rommel or Peter Barborik drums. What you get isn’t some middle of the road easy listening, no this is music alive.

Forget those technical frills, forget that teeny mass hysteria, here you get music as the fans want it. There is only one way for music to go: its got to be fresh, its got to have style, its got to have feeling, its got to live, its got to be „The Pumpm“.


Official site: http:/www.bluespumpm.at